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Longcase clocks in Shipston-on-Stour

Commonly known as grandfather clocks, these weight driven clocks were the first domestic clocks ever made, originating in the 17th century. Generally made in both 30-hour and 8 day versions, these magnificent clocks are both an impressive centrepiece for any room, as well as a reliable and accurate time keeper with an attractive strike.
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Antique longcase clocks for sale

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8 day painted dial longcase clock

No: 3226
Circa: 1800
Height: 7 Feet, 1 Inch
Price: £2,350.00

John Farnworth is recorded as working as a successful clockmaker in the late 18th century and was typical of quality clockmakers of that period. The fine oak case, having detail throughout the cross banding and stringing in mahogany satinwood, reeded quarter capitals to case trunk, inlay detail in case base and trunk door, finished with elegant swan neck pediments with Corinthian capitals and reeded columns. Clearly this was a clock made for a discerning customer who wanted the very best style of the period. The painted dial having finely detailed roses in dial corner with a romantic scene in dial breakarch and finished with Arabic numbers and original blued steel hands. The movement is of similar quality striking the hours on original bell. 

8 day painted dial longcase clock

No: 3227
Circa: 1820
Height: 6 Feet, 11 Inches
Price: £2,500.00

Peter Gill is recorded as working in Aberdeen from 1782 – 1830. In the early 19th century, clock making in Scotland became truly established with the use of fine veneers, and attention to detail throughout making these clocks very desirable. This particular clock has an attractive dial with a romantic scene of a ship in a stormy sea in the dial breakarch. This is matched with a superb flame mahogany veneer throughout the case and fine details such as twisted columns to the case trunk, elegant swan neck pediments and side windows to the case hood. A good example of clock making of this period.

Mahogany grandmother clock

No: 3264
Circa: Early 20th century
Height: 67 Inches
Price: £1,785.00

A fine example of clock making in the early part of the 20th century. The high-quality movement sounding Westminster chimes at every quarter and striking the full hour, all on original blued steel gongs. The attractive dial having an attractive matted dial centre and finished with original silvered chapter ring, blued steel hands and dial spandrels. The mahogany case is of superb quality with shaped mouldings and case feet, fret work to hood sides and attractive inlayed detail to trunk door and base. Clocks of this high quality are extremely rare.

8 day painted dial longcase clock

No: 3208
Circa: 1790
Height: 6 Feet, 11 Inches
Price: £2,850.00

John McFarlane is recorded as working in Glasgow and in Hamilton from 1771. A fine example of what is often considered the best of the elegant clocks that were made for the wealthy customers of the lowlands of Scotland. The classic ‘drum head’ is a very distinctive style, giving the clock a very noble appearance without being over tall. The use of high quality mahogany mouldings and veneer throughout the case is typical of the best work of the time. Note the detail of the gilded dial side ring around the dial and the slender, elegant blued steeled hands.

8 day painted dial longcase clock

No: 3233
Circa: Late 18th century
Height: 6 Feet, 10 Inches
Price: £2,450.00

Alexander Innes is recorded as working in Dalkeith on the east coast of Scotland from 1783 until his death in 1824. A really good example of a slim, elegant clock that would have been bespoke made for a wealthy country dignitary who wanted the case to match the simple oak furniture of his house yet also wanted a clock that was slender and elegant. Note the fine painted dial which has been beautifully decorated with roses and strawberries and is delightful in its quality and design. The clock retains its original blued steel hands and strikes the hours on its original bell.

Mahogany grandmother clock

No: 3263
Circa: Early 20th Century
Height: 69.5 Inches
Price: £1,765.00

These high quality miniature grandfather clocks, which we have come to know as ‘grandmother’ clocks, are a delight to own as they have all the presence and importance of the larger longcase clock and yet are small enough to fit anywhere. Made with a high-quality movement that plays the Westminster chimes and strikes the hours on blued steel gongs to give a delightful sound. This particular clock has the added attraction of having a fine bevelled edge glass door to reveal the slow moving polished pendulum. This clock is finished with a fine silvered and engraved chapter ring with polished dial centre and blued steel hands.

Grandmother clock

No: 3256
Circa: Early 20th century
Height: 5 Feet, 8 Inches
Price: £1,850.00

A very good example of a popular design of clock. The high quality, burr walnut veneered case being of English make along with the engraved brass dial completed with the original three train chiming movement playing Westminster chimes every quarter of an hour and striking the full hour. Delightful in proportions and design, taking its overall appearance from an 18th century example of a ‘grandfather’ clock only made 2 thirds of the size! Clocks of this high quality have always been hard to find as the cost of manufacture made them relatively rare over 100 years ago.

8 day brass dial longcase clock

No: 3261
Circa: 1770
Height: 6 Feet, 8 Inches
Price: £2,975.00

Thomas Brown is recorded as working in Chester between 1766 and 1784 and this is typical of the high quality clocks made in the north west of England. This clock would have been bespoke made for its original owner with the flat topped case designed to fit the height of the recipient’s house! Full of fine detail throughout including the well-designed and finely engraved dial with silvered chapter ring and original hands and high-quality oak case with mahogany inlay detail and burr oak panel above the dial. Striking the hours on original bell, this is a classic English clock of the period.

Eight day brass dial longcase clock

No: 3024
Circa: 1780
Height: 7 Feet, 1 Inch
Price: £5,850.00
John Gale is recorded as working in Lamb Street, Spitalfields, London between 1790 and 1844, but I believe this clock to be earlier than this as the style of the dial with its fine rococo corner spandrels and the elegant dial centre engraving are all indicative of a London maker of around 1780. This is a fine clock with elegant proportions and beautifully shaped hood pillars with brass inlay, side hood windows, superb flame mahogany veneers to front of case and finished with a long front door, shaped mouldings to the case base and substantial case feet. All of this is typical of a high quality London clock of the late 18th century.

8 day brass dial longcase clock

No: 3154
Circa: 1750
Height: 74 Inches
Price: Sold
Records show that John Culliford working in Bristol in 1692, but this would have been his son who would have carried on the tradition of making clocks well into the mid-18th century. Typical of the clockmakers of this area, traditional use of silvered brass, and engraving the dial was used to enhance the appearance of the clock and the case was made of very expensive tropical hardwood mahogany which was available to the wealthy merchants of Bristol and the surrounding area, though still considered to be exquisitely expensive in most other parts of the country. It would have been bespoke made for a wealthy client who would have lived in a house with low ceilings so the case was made proportionally small, though there can be no doubt of its grandeur in quality and design for all its small size! Striking the hours on the original bell and having a movement made to typically high quality.
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