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Clock Full Service and Restoration

Our clock Specialist offer a selection of services including full service or complete restoration of your clock.

In the process of servicing and restoring a clock our clockmaker, depending of the type of clock (you can find the tyope of clocks here) will do the following operations:

  • Movement pivots polished

  • Escapment pallets polished and re-depthed

  • Mainsprings replaced - time - strike - chime

  • Hands - polished - blued - painted

  • Weight gut lines replaced

  • Fusee wire replaced

  • Pendulum suspension spring replaced

  • Movement pivot holes rebushed

  • All screw slotted and polished

  • Platform escapment restored

  • All movement pins replaced

  • Movement stripped and ultrasonically cleaned

  • Dial cleaned - restored - resilvered

  • Case woodwork - waxed - restored

  • Case brasswork - polished - restored

  • Replacement movement supplied and fitted

  • Clock collected, delivered and set-up

For more details get in touch or visit our shop and have a chat with one of our clocakmaker about how to bring your loved clocks back to life.

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