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Antique Rare French Repeater Carriage Clock

Antique Rare French Repeater Carriage Clock

SKU: 3753

This is a beautiful example of a late Victorian French carriage clock manufactured around 1870 for the English market.
The 8-day movement is spring driven, striking the hour and the half-hour on a spiral gong.
The maker designed the clock with a repeating function, by pressing the button on the top of the case, the clock will repeat the hour, allowing the user to know the exact time in the dark.
The case is beautifully decorated around the sides with a delicate filigree pattern of bronze, retaining the original patina.
The dial is made out of enamel, hand decorated with blue numerals, and surrounded by a gilded brass mask.
The clock comes with a winding key.



Height = 21 cm (8.3")
Width = 10 cm (3.9")
Depth = 85 cm (33.5")


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