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English Victorian Double Fusee Bell Striking Lantern Clock

English Victorian Double Fusee Bell Striking Lantern Clock

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This is a good example of a traditional Victorian craftsmanship. The history of the lantern clocks dates back to the beginning of the 1600's when the German makers made the very first lantern clocks with a simple movement, most likely foliot escapement, gradually progressing to verge and later on to much modern and efficient escapements as the well-known dead beat escapement and the recoil. Traditionally, the lantern clocks have been powered by a hanging wight, most likely made of a stone. Later on, when the lantern clocks became more popular, different clockmakers started to produce better quality movements and cases in order to attract clients in a highly-competitive market.
This clock was made at the peak of the clock industry, in the early Victorian time, possessing a beautifully made double fusee movement. 
The clock is 8-day duration, striking the hour on a large bell located on the top of the case.
The case is made of solid brass with cast feet and finials with a beautifully engraved dial.