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Large Early 1900s French Movement Lantern Clock

Large Early 1900s French Movement Lantern Clock

SKU: 3422

This large English Style lantern clock is set in a brass case and is thought to date back to the early 1900s. It has a platform escapement, rather than a pendulum, so can easily be moved. It strikes on the hour and half hour on a bell and the elegant silvered dial with Roman numerals completes its' charming appeal.
There are two theories of the origin of the name "lantern clock". One is that it refers to brass, the main metal of which English lantern clocks are made. Clocks were first made on the continent, at first of iron with iron wheels, and then later with brass wheels. Later still, in France, Belgium and The Netherlands, clocks began to be made from brass. Brass alloys were then called latten, and it seems likely that brass clocks would have been called "latten clocks" (or "latten horloge" or "latten uhr" in the native languages) to distinguish them from iron clocks, and that "lantern" could be an English interpretation or corruption of latten. The other is that the name derived from the shape; the clock resembles a rectangular lantern of that period, and like a lantern was hung on the wall.



Height = 33.5 cm (13.2")
Width = 13.5 cm (5.3")
Depth = 14 cm (5.5")


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