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Painted Dial Longcase Clock In Oak Case By James Strickland

Painted Dial Longcase Clock In Oak Case By James Strickland

SKU: 3740

Wonderful early 1800's painted dial longcase by James Strickland in Manchester.
The clock has a lovely elegant slim case with a full opening door inlaid with light wood shell pattern identically mirrored in the base but on a smaller scale.
The trunk of the case is flanked by two Corinthian columns with brass capitals.
The proportion of the case indicates a very good cabinet maker and a good quality clock.
The hand painted arched dial was commissioned to Osborne and Wilson dials company in Birmingham.
Osborne and Wilson were in partnership between 1772 and 1777, they later parted ways producing dials on their own merit. Wilson died in 1809. White dial production became very popular in Birmingham in the 18th century.
Based on this evidence, we can place this longcase in the first period of Osborne's dials.
The 8-day movement is good quality, powered by two weights and striking on a traditional cast bell.
This clock is a perfect example of traditional English craftsmanship.



Height = 226 cm (89.0")
Width = 48 cm (18.9")
Depth = 25 cm (9.8")


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