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Thomas Mercer Ship Clock

Thomas Mercer Ship Clock

SKU: 3660

This is a high-quality ship clock made by the well-known maker Thomas Mercer in the early 1900s.
Thomas Mercer was born in 1822 in St. Helens. At a very young age, he started working in his grandfather's workshop, building his first mechanical watch. In 1854 he went to London and found his first job at John Fletcher, a well-known manufacturer of marine chronometers. Four years later, he split amicably from Fletcher to found his own company that became well-known under his name. He opened his first workshop in Clerkenwell at 161 Goswell Road.
This particular clock possesses an 8-day movement, high-quality, with a lever platform escapement.
The case is brass with a thick cast bezel and crystal glass.


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